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Kool house - Relocation Service
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General Customer Service

Housing Information

Koolhouse Realty has been a leader in assisting both US Military, Civilian and foreigners in Daegu, South Korea for many years in locating excellent housing and providing after service.

We are networked with other Korean realtors to provide a variety of comfortable apartments and houses in the area that are modern, convenient and safe.

We update our list of available homes and landlords almost daily to provide you with the best choices and options for a house.

Maintenance of Housing

We provide translation and realty services from your first tour to the last date you live in the house.

We inspect each house for safety, quality of heat and air conditioning, cleanliness, building codes and appliances. We make arrangements for the connection of your utilities, internet and cable TV services and we provide you with options for levels of service.

Once a contract as signed and the tenant takes occupancy,our services are not finished.

We provide translation, support and networking for the tenant when they have issues, questions, or need repairs regarding their home.

Whether you have a question about Korean customs, need to employ a housekeeper, have a leaky faucet, or need directions to somewhere in the city, we will be happy to help you.