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Expatriates Area Information

Expatriate Information

There are over thousands foreigners living and working in Daegu.

These people are associated with

the US Military, Department of Defense, Private and International companies, Language Schools and Universities.


Most people choose to live in convenient transportation areas near subways, restaurants place of work and attractions.

Most people, including Koreans and foriegners live in high-rise apartments simply because they are the most common means of living.

There are a few Korean style houses sometimes avialable and low rise "Villas".

Korean houses are usually older, lacking in the luxuries of a high rise, and do not have the security features of a high rise apartment.

They are also not as energy efficient. A "villa" is a smaller apartment building that is usually a 2 or 3 story walk-up without an elevator.

Many villas are quite new or remodeled.

Foreigners in Korea have different sizes and grades of homes based on the amount rent that their employer provides or that they are willing to pay out of pocket.

There is no norm.

Usually, individuals are well within a 30 minute commuting time of their workplace.

Most foreigners

are scattered throught the areas of the city where there work is located...for example, most Americans associated with the US Military are living in SuSeong Gu and Nam Gu Districts which are within 20 minutes of the military installations.


Certain areas of the city are more expensive rent-wise based on location, newness, public education and tax base much like cities abroad.